Product Comparison

Each of DMS' POSTman products has a range of different features. Use the chart below to determine which product is right for you.

Features POSTman POSTman Enterprise POSTman Professional POSTman ActiveX POSTman Web Service LISTman
Appends DPIDs
Interactive data entry
Rapid data entry          
Postal Presort & Manifesting  
MS Word Integration    
MS Access Integration    
MS Excel Integration    
MS Access write back to data source          
MS Windows Programming API        
Available as a web service          
List Management Tools        
Duplicate Detection        
Data Cleansing          
Charity Mail Support
Print Post Support        
No of Batch mode users 1 1 + 25 user packs 1 1 0 1
Interactive mode users 5 1 + 25 user packs 0 5 1 0
Price $749 From $3990 $2990 $749 Free + usage From $14990