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Data Quality

Poor data quality manifests itself in a number of ways and can affect the deliverability of your mail pieces.

Common Data Quality Issues

Do you know how much data quality issues are really costing you? They cause customer service problems, returned mail, lost customers, problems producing your marketing campaigns, software crashes, those reports that just aren’t right or just can’t get at all. They all add up to a significant amount.

Your customer database is the engine that drives your business and poor data quality slows it down, or can even bring it to a grinding halt.

Data Quality issues come from a variety of sources; data entry errors, trying to combine databases, your website; or maybe it’s just always been there. Data problems can manifest themselves in a number of ways too; fields aren’t completed, data is entered in the wrong fields, records are duplicated, misspellings, fields are used inappropriately, sometimes people even key bogus data on purpose. It all adds up and it all costs you money.

POSTman can help you solve your data quality issues once and for all. By validating and correcting data before it gets into your database, by correcting the data that’s already there and rechecking the data as it is used for production or marketing.

POSTman offers a comprehensive data quality solution based on DMS’s unique data quality engine. This engine is able to read and interpret customer data in complex and sophisticated ways - each address record is broken down, interpreted, validated regardless of where or how it was stored in your database. Then the new clean data can be written straight back into your database, correcting it forever.

Look below to see how they are easily fixed by POSTman!


DMS has been focused on solving the data quality problem for Australian businesses for over 20 years. Quite simply, we do it better, faster and more cost effectively than anyone else in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it, try POSTman Enterprise yourself today.

  • Validates and corrects data before it gets into your database

  • Works with your Windows or web-based software applications

  • Fix data in most database platforms including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and more.

  • Programming API and Web Service options available.

  • Fully certified by Australia Post and updated quarterly.


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