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LISTman is a data cleansing and list management solution designed to help you maximise the potential of your customer databases and prospect lists.

LISTman brings you powerful direct mail functions previously only available on mainframe and UNIX systems. It’s an easy to use, easily customised, Windows based solution that helps you take maximum advantage of barcode sorting and delivery technology.


LISTman can be used for record validation, data cleansing, file structural changes, deduping (merge/purge), consolidation of

multiple data sources into a single file, segmentations, sorting and other direct marketing processes. 


LISTman is designed to handle major list management tasks and can process lists containing millions of records containing various details, such as name and address details, customer purchase order details, recency/frequency/monetary value tables, account code information and other marketing data that is used in direct marketing and customer relationship marketing programs. 

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