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Building on POSTman’s ease of use, address validation, postal barcoding capabilities and acclaimed integration with Microsoft Office, POSTman Enterprise makes it economical to put a barcoding solution on every desktop.

POSTman Enterprise is an AMAS approved Windows based address validation and postal barcoding software program that maximises postage savings and improves the quality of your data. POSTman Enterprise integrates with your existing software to provide you with the necessary tools to validate data and attach barcodes to your mail, allowing you to take advantage of the many Australia Post postage discounts available for barcoded mail.

POSTman Enterprise is available for organisations of all sizes and allows you to provide each individual staff member with the appropriate tools to validate data and create professional barcodes on single documents and expansive mail merges.

Also included with POSTman Enterprise is POSTman Rapid, a rapid addressing application that includes a unique reverse entry technique. This function uses the Postal Address File (PAF) to validate address data at the point of entry, making the address search process quick, easy, and accurate with searches being completed in as few as 10 keystrokes.

POSTman Rapid will work with virtually any existing CRM, accounting or database application and can provide immediate returns on investment. This software can be configured to work with multiple applications and is completely stand alone. It is user customisable with no programming knowledge required. A POSTman API is included for the more technically minded.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce mail costs by up to 13% with Australia Post’s barcoded mail discounts

  • Improve data entry efficiency
    POSTman Rapid’s rapid data entry screen with predictive typing reduces the time taken to enter data by up to 80%.

  • Improve data quality and mail deliverability
    POSTman Rapid’s data validation function checks, validates and can correct inaccurate name and address data in your database, on entry of data into your database, and on data extracted for production purposes. This improves the cleanliness of your database, increases the deliverability of your mail and boosts the effectiveness of your customer communication.

  • Interactive mode

  • Batch processing with unique write-back function to barcode not only Access (32-bit only) but SQL, Oracle and other databases.

  • Simple import procedures available for most contact managers, accounting systems and general database applications;

  • POSTman API for integration of POSTman functionality into your own applications

  • Automated processing via command line interface

  • Keep it simple
    POSTman Rapid’s Microsoft Word integration allows an operator to validate and barcode an address from within Microsoft Word. Rapid’s Excel Barcoding Wizard allows a mailing list stored in any Microsoft Excel format to be barcoded from within Excel.

  • Optional integration with a variety of 3rd party applications including Act!, Commence, Attaché, Lotus Notes and more…

  • Centralised roll-out of updates

  • Unique database write-back functionality to barcode SQL, Oracle, DB2, Access (32-bit only) and other databases without exporting data

  • Want to save even more?
    Use a metering machine
     in combination with your POSTman software to take advantage of even more great Australia Post discounts!

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POSTman includes:


  • Both batch and interactive processing modes

  • Postal pre-sorting

  • Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and 32-bit Access

  • Australia Post approved 4 State barcode font

  • Training videos and help files

  • Quarterly updates including any new features

  • Telephone + email support

Customers who have implemented POSTman barcoding solutions typically save around 15% off their mailing costs.

How much would that add up to in your business?

“POSTman’s integration with our Pathway system has been an invaluable part of our strategy to significantly reduce the quantum of our postage costs.”

- Christine Johnstone, Logan City Council

POSTman costs around half as much to deploy across the enterprise as most other postal barcoding solutions.

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