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POSTman Excel Integration

The Risk is Nil. The Investment is Small. But Your Returns can be Mammoth-Sized.

If you are sending over 10,000 letters a year or want to reduce your returned mail rate, then listen up!...

Tired of licking stamps? Ever increasing postage fees? Clients providing incorrect addresses?

Perhaps It's Time To Employ 'POSTman'...

POSTman is a simple to use application that can reduce mailing costs and save valuable time spent sending mail and processing returned mail. POSTman accurately validates records and appends Australia Post-approved barcodes using Australia's most common software tools. If you can use Microsoft Word, Excel or 32-bit Access then you can use POSTman! POSTman creates a ‘wizard' button in each of these applications ready for you to start barcoding immediately!

POSTman simply reads the address, crosschecks it with the Postal Address File (PAF) database and gives your addresses Australia Post AMAS approved barcodes. You can use POSTman to ensure that the mail is sent to a valid address and you can be assured that your clients will receive their mail, essentially boosting the effectiveness of your client communication.

Using POSTman you will be able to...

  • Reduce costs
    Use POSTman’s quick and easy barcoding capabilities to slash your returned mail and productivity costs and take advantage of Australia Post barcoded mail discounts.

  • Save time
    POSTman’s lightning processes produce 600,000 barcodes an hour so you can speed through your barcoding in record time.

  • Increase productivity
    POSTman’s processing wizards and mail merge capabilities provide you with a simple and speedy solution that allows you to perform the more difficult and time consuming data tasks with minimal time and effort.

  • Improve data quality and mail deliverability
    POSTman's address validation functions can be used not only to rid your database of incorrect address information but to stop any more getting in. This improves the cleanliness of your database, increases the deliverability of your mail and boosts the effectiveness of your customer communication.


Sample POSTman Today 100% Risk Free By Clicking On The 'Request Your Free Evaluation Copy'!


You'll have 14 days to use POSTman and see if it does everything you need. Then once you've determined it's a fit for you, we can discuss using it in your organisation so you too can reap the massive rewards. Click the link NOW!

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POSTman includes:


  • Both batch and interactive processing modes

  • Postal pre-sorting

  • Integration with Microsoft Word, 32-bit Access and Excel

  • Australia Post approved 4 State barcode font

  • A complete set of training videos, help files and manuals

  • Quarterly updates including any new features

  • Telephone + email support

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