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Time is Money. Whether your team is keying hand written orders or taking customer details over the phone, the speed at which they can do this has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Speed up data entry by 80%

POSTman Rapid is a unique application that pops up on the screen over your existing order entry or CRM application whenever customer address details are required. It enables your operators to locate any deliverable address in Australia with only a few keystrokes and in only a few seconds.

POSTman Rapid is part of the comprehensive data quality solution offered by POSTman Enterprise.

POSTman Rapid uses its up to date database of every deliverable address in Australia to quickly finding the correct address. It works a bit like a Google predictive search. It will eliminate up to 80% of the keystrokes required to enter an address and ensures every entry is correct every time, even if it contain some of Australia’s unique street or place names like “Indooroopilly”, “Woolloomooloo” or “Goldieslie”.

No more trying to read unintelligible handwriting, no more having to ask a customer to spell out their address over the phone. Operators find the correct address in seconds and POSTman Rapid pastes it directly into your database system – correctly spelt and formatted. POSTman Rapid can even speed the entry of other details such as names, product descriptions as well. It is completely user configurable and works with virtually any PC or web application.

Fast, effective and reliable, POSTman Rapid usually requires no modifications to your existing software and can easily be configured to work with even custom software applications. It will be a boon to your customer service and data entry personnel, and your bottom line.

Watch how POSTman Rapid turbo charges your data entry

  • Address details can be keyed up to 80% faster - no more deciphering illegible writing.

  • Reduce customer service call times by as much as 10%

  • No more getting the customer to spell out their address over the phone

  • No more data entry errors

  • Slash returned mail and misdirected deliveries

  • Reduce keyboard strain, eliminating unnecessary keystrokes

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