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Now you can build POSTman’s address validation and postal barcoding features into your own Windows application with POSTman Integrate.

POSTman Integrate includes all the features of the standard AMAS approved POSTman application, along with .NET and COM based programming interfaces, API documentation, and all barcode font and source code examples needed to add this functionality to your own applications.

Your developers simply insert the POSTman Integrate Library into their development application to integrate with your own database application or website. They then add instructions to call the POSTman Integrate Library and retrieve the DPID, barcode and barcode sort information from it. Your data is then automatically validated and barcoded without your operators having to do a thing. Some developers have had POSTman integrated with their applications in under an hour.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improve data quality and mail deliverability
    POSTman Integrate's point of entry address validation, ‘Near Matches’ address feature, address formatting and barcode appending functions rid your database of incorrect or poorly formatted name and address information. This improves the cleanliness of your database, increases the deliverability of your mail and boosts the effectiveness of your customer communication.

  • Reduce postage costs
    Use POSTman’s quick and easy barcoding capabilities to slash your returned mail and productivity costs and take advantage of Australia Post barcoded mail discounts.

  • Keep it simple
    POSTman Integrate comes with full instructions, example code for Microsoft .NET (C#), Visual Basic 6.0 (any COM aware language, including VBA) covering data entry, batch, XML pipeline, SQL Server Stored Procedures and Web API/SOAP solutions, and technical support are only a phone call or e-mail away.

  • Want to save even more?
    Use a metering machine in combination with your POSTman software to take advantage of even more great Australia Post discounts!

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POSTman includes:


  • Both batch and interactive processing modes

  • Postal pre-sorting using POSTman application

  • Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and 32-bit Access

  • Australia Post approved 4 State barcode font

  • Training videos and help files

  • Quarterly updates including any new features

  • Telephone + email support

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