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POSTman Professional is your one stop list management solution.

Designed for businesses and small service bureaus, POSTman Professional combines the postal barcoding and data quality features of the POSTman product range with all the list management functions you need to maximise the potential of your mailing, telemarketing and email lists.

POSTman Professional has everything you need to cleanse, prepare and manipulate your customer and prospect lists without having to manage multiple tools.

Duplicate Detection

POSTman Professional's duplicate detection (deduping) capabilities are fast and versatile. Don't be fooled by other application's claims to possess duplicate detection capabilities. These are often based on very simplistic approaches that are easily fooled by real world data. Even a simple misspelling or abbreviation can cause many duplicate detection systems to misfire, but not POSTman Professional. With its advanced weighted statistical matching technology POSTman Professional is able to find duplicates that other systems can't.

POSTman Professional also gives you complete control over the duplicate detection process. From the beginning, POSTman Professional lets you create your own matching criteria, so you decide whether to match on names and addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other types of data. You determine whether you wish to match down to one per address, one per family or one per person. You can even decide how “tight” or “loose” the matching process is and whether you are looking for duplicates within a single list or duplicates between lists.

Many standard duplicate detection applications don’t give you these sorts of capabilities.


Why mail to your whole list when you can segment out only the contacts likely to respond to your offer? With POSTman Professional you can isolate any target audience from your database being more scientific in your marketing.


For example, have a new hair colour product? Target females between the ages of 35-55. Have a new range of spanners you’re selling in your Brisbane store? Target males in the Brisbane metro region.


Irrespective of your needs, if the data exists in your database, POSTman Professional can help you find, measure, and market to those contacts in seconds.

Barcoded and Charity Mail

POSTman Professional includes everything you need to produce barcoded and charity mail PreSort mail lodgements. With POSTman Professional you can maximize your postage savings with built in barcoding, PreSorting and manifest production capabilities. POSTman Professional can slash your mail costs by as much as 40%.


Publish a magazine or periodical? With POSTman Professional you can take advantage of Australia Post's PrintPost offering. POSTman Professional will cleanse, barcode and prepare your mailing list and then produce your PrintPost PreSort, tray list and manifest for you all in one easy step.


Not sure if a particular offer, segment or mailing list is going to work for you? Or maybe you just want to do some scientific testing of your campaigns? POSTman Professional's built in ‘random sampling’ capabilities allow you to generate truly random segments of your database for test marketing. Finally you can take out the guess work...


List preparation often involves a lot of steps and each time you get an update to your lists, or repeat a campaign, you have to repeat all those steps.

POSTman Professional’s macro facility takes all the repetitiveness out of your database work by cleverly recording your processing steps, and then playing them back any time you need them. You’ll watch with amazement as POSTman Professional imports, barcodes, dedupes, segments, sorts and exports your data, all by itself!

  • Imports a range of data types including text, CSV, DBF and ODBC

  • Powerful and flexible duplicate detection

  • Address validation and correction

  • All the list manipulation functions you need

  • Automate processing functions with Macros

Crosstab Reporting

Want to learn more about your customer base? Where they live, how much are they spending, their ages and gender? POSTman Professional’s crosstab reporting facility allows you to analyse your database in seconds. With its powerful graphing and multidimensional capabilities, you’ll gain new insights into your customer base in seconds.


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